The Cooper Wedding

Back in January of 2015, the beautiful bride, McKenzie, agreed to be my model in my 'Uptown Girl' series (refer to Portfolio for images). Ever since that time, she and I have worked together numerous times and she has not only become a dear friend, but also one of my muses. So, I was ecstatic when she asked me to be her wedding photographer for her August nuptials.

McKenzie, pictured above with husband Nate, were an awesome Bride & Groom! They were very easy to work with and trusted my vision for their special day. I loved being a part of this wedding because I really sensed the love McKenzie & Nate share for one another, but most importantly, I loved how much their wedding was also about incorporating family. From McKenzie's nieces being her flower girls to Nate's brother singing a special song during the communion portion of the ceremony. I could just tell that the day was not only about joining Nate & McKenzie together in holy matrimony, but about blending two families together into one.

Beautiful indeed...

So, I introduce to you all, Mr. & Mrs. Nate Cooper!




I met Ernesto Reina, a Charlotte artist and Parkour enthusiast, about a year ago. At the time I didn't realize he was an artist, an amazing one at that, but what sparked our initial conversation was the fact that we both get told we look like rappers. Ernesto, a dead ringer for Drake, and myself, a carbon copy of 50 Cent (I know, I don't see it either). Anyway, after a mutual following on Instagram, we both noticed our individual talents.

Fast forward to July of 2016, we had our first initial meeting to discuss working together. Ernesto, who also goes by E, showed me some of his sketches and drawings, of which I was very drawn to and impressed by, partially because they were unique, but more so because of how passionate he is about his art. Ernesto explained to me that he was in the beginning stages of having his art printed onto different pieces of apparel--t-shirts, backpacks--that would soon be available to the general public and he wanted me to be his photographer, in hopes of promoting the brand via social media. With his talent and thirst for life, this was a no brainer for me. 

And here we are, ready to unveil the magic that we created together, with the assistance of a couple friends and Downtown/Uptown Charlotte as our backdrop! Take a look!

Charlotte Spotlight: Brandon Rashad

Brandon Sweetenburg,  Stylist, Blogger, & Style Influencer from Charlotte, NC

Brandon Sweetenburg, Stylist, Blogger, & Style Influencer from Charlotte, NC

For the past couple months, I've had the pleasure of working with Charlotte native Brandon Sweetenburg, also known as Brandon Rashad, to his 9700+ Instagram followers. Brandon is known for his well-tailored suits and flamboyant accessories, in particular, his ties and pocket-squares. I'm very excited to share some of the photos Brandon and I have taken thus far together, many of which have been featured on various instagram accounts that focus on men's fashion. Continue to enjoy the journey with us as he builds his brand.

A couple Instagram pages that have featured Brandon's dapper style, notably prominent fashion blog, FashionBombDaily.

the enamoRED series | THE PRELUDE

Dress; H&M | Bracelets; Forever 21 | Shoes & Rings; Model's Own

Dress; H&M | Bracelets; Forever 21 | Shoes & Rings; Model's Own

A couple months ago, I began brainstorming idea's for potential shoots. A lot of ideas came to me, but the only thing that stuck out to me was the color red. Sounds strange, right? But the interesting thing about it was that a single color was giving me so much inspiration and enhanced my vision. I began thinking about all the instances where the color RED truly made me swoon--Charlize Theron's Christian Dior gown at the 2016 Oscar's, Beyonce's Lanvin gown that she wore to the MTV VMA's when she announced she was pregnant with Blue Ivy, the stunning mane's of Emma Stone, Jessica Chastain & Julianne Moore, and most significantly Rihanna's hair during her 'LOUD' era--just to name a few! Red, and all of the shades in its family, is such a grand color. It's bold, eye-catching, strong, aggressive, sexy, passionate, striking, and ever-so-stunning. Quite frankly, it grabs me and puts me in a trance, which is why I wanted to incorporate it into my work. 'THE PRELUDE' servers as the introduction to the enamoRED series. Behold, the beginning of something beautiful, something rare, something in which you should find yourself falling in love!

Stay tuned for more pictures from the enamoRED series!


How to Look GRATE... for the FORMATION World Tour w/ Beyonce!

Well, Queen Bey will begin the first leg of her FORMATION World Tour pretty soon, so you know what that means? Time to show up & show out! But before you can make it to the arena, post a selfie with you and your friends, and dance and sing the night away, you have to look the part; I mean this is the QUEEN we're talking about here. This post is to inspire you beautiful ladies in how you go about selecting your concert looks. Of course, each one of these looks can be edited to fit your own personal style because not every woman is made to last all night long in high heels, especially when you're doing the 'Formation' choreography in your seat with your girls and guys beside you. Hope this guide helps to inspire your ***Flawless*** ensemble on the big day!

Feel Good, Look GRATE


P.S. Men's looks to follow!

10 Things You Should Know About Me

1) I recently graduated from Winthrop University with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication.

2) I grew up in Georgetown, South Carolina. A small town between Myrtle Beach and Charleston, South Carolina, respectively.

3) I am an only child.

4) Aside from my parents, my biggest inspiration in life is... my last name. There is a LOT of pressure to not only be a Grate, but to actually be great!

5) My favorite song is Beyonce's 'Resentment'.

6) I can sing.

7) Adele's 'Someone Like You' makes me cry.

8) My favorite food is Italian.

9) My favorite designers are Elie Saab, Balmain, Giambattista Valli & Neil Barrett.

10) My motto: Ambition makes one powerful beyond measure.