Welcome BACK to Atlanta

Let's be honest for a second... Who doesn't enjoy the city of Atlanta? I mean, really, it's pretty spectacular. Now oddly enough, I hadn't visited the city in quite a few years despite my huge adoration for it, but upon my arrival, I felt like I finally arrived back home. By far, this was my best experience in the city and here's why:

1) One of my best friends lives in the city- You can't really explore and appreciate all the facets of this glorious city without being shown around by an Atlanta native, and what's better than exploring with your best friend? Absolutely nothing!

2) I did more in one day here than I've ever done in any other city- This may seem a little bit far fetched, but its true. I started my day at SCAD to view the Daniel Lismore Exhibition (refer to Portfolio for photos) and ended my day with an impromptu visit to an art gallery event with incredible food and drinks. You just never know what you'll get into when you're here.

3) Shopping- Anyone who knows me, knows that I have an affinity for clothing. The thrill of finding amazing pieces and putting my own personal spin on them is something I love to do, hence my passion for wardrobe styling. For all my fashion lovers, you'll love the shopping here, whether it's high-end notables like Phipps Plaza and Lenox Square, or laid-back spots like Atlantic Station.

4) The Skyline- The Skyline is incredible. I just felt like the world was at my hands when I looked out and saw the beauty of the city. For any dreamer out there, just one look at that view, and you'd feel like you could change the world. My only difficulty was choosing whether the city prettier during the day or at night? You decide!

So there you have it! I'll see you again soon, Atlanta! Hopefully the next visit will be a permanent one!

Brandon GrateComment