How to Look GRATE... for the FORMATION World Tour w/ Beyonce!

Well, Queen Bey will begin the first leg of her FORMATION World Tour pretty soon, so you know what that means? Time to show up & show out! But before you can make it to the arena, post a selfie with you and your friends, and dance and sing the night away, you have to look the part; I mean this is the QUEEN we're talking about here. This post is to inspire you beautiful ladies in how you go about selecting your concert looks. Of course, each one of these looks can be edited to fit your own personal style because not every woman is made to last all night long in high heels, especially when you're doing the 'Formation' choreography in your seat with your girls and guys beside you. Hope this guide helps to inspire your ***Flawless*** ensemble on the big day!

Feel Good, Look GRATE


P.S. Men's looks to follow!

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