Amber & Tim: Engagement Session at Lunchbox Records

The day of Amber & Tim's consultation I lost all track of time. Usually, I'm the person that's always early every where I go. That wasn't the case on this occasion. Amber had contacted me to let me know they arrived early, which made me feel even worse. Some 15 minutes later, after scurrying through some horrendous traffic, I finally got to meet these two cool kids.

After apologizing for my tardiness, I realized quickly that they weren't the typical couple. While both laid back, they were very in-sync and their energies seemed to match perfectly with one another. As cliche as it sounds, they seem to be made for one another. I was hooked right then.

Although they both work in a corporate setting, Amber & Tim are both lovers of the arts. They love music and going to concerts together, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they collect art and Amber paints! Clearly, a standard engagement session was out of the question. 

The couple said to me, "We don't understand why people do engagement photos in the forest/woods, you didn't meet there!" I asked them where would they want to shoot their engagement photos, and that's when they said a record or comic book store. I was totally on board with it right from the jump. We went with the record store and my mind started creating instantly. 

I asked them out of curiosity, "what does their shared love of music mean to them?" They told me it gives them the opportunity to bond, learn new things about one another and above all else, jam out! 

Looks like these two will be hitting all the right notes for years to come.

Congratulations on your engagement, Amber & Tim.


Featured in Creative Loafing's February 2018 Issue!

Guess what, guys? I've been featured in the February 2018 issue of Creative Loafing! *SCREAMS* 

The Lust List is a Creative Loafing annual tradition, that uncovers some of Charlotte's hottest, sexiest, most desirable figures in various industries. The lists aims to explore what role sexuality and body image may or may not play in the lives and careers of those featured.

My dear friend and "Charlotte's Hottest Fashion Stylist," Mr. Hade E. Robinson Jr. asked me to take his photo(s) to be featured in the publication's February Issue. I would've been an idiot to say no, right? 

And if you're wondering, "where have I seen him before?", Mr. Robinson is a recurring guest on the Charlotte Today show, affectionately known as Carolina Style Guy. 

Take a look at the 2018 Lust List here.

You'll find the photos I took featured below:



Congratulations, Kristin!

Meet Kristin. Kristin is a mother of two, who just recently graduated with her Master's Degree. As I was shooting, I realized very quickly that she was just as beautiful on the inside as she was outside. Graceful, poised, and intelligent, this beauty is proof that no obstacle will stand in your way when you really want something.

Congratulations, Kristin! Wishing you much success in all your future endeavors.

Shajara & Ravee's Maternity Session

Guess who's going to an Uncle in 2018? ME, that's who! I know you might be wondering to yourself, "Where have I seen this girl before?" and the answer is right here. She's been featured on my site in a couple of shoots, but none will ever be as special as this one. This is one of my best friends, Shajara, and her boyfriend Ravee. She's also one of the best makeup artist's in the Charlotte area. However, she recently got in front of my camera for her maternity session.

I remember the day I found out she was pregnant. We talked in the morning and she told me I should come over to her mom's house that evening. I had already assumed that she was pregnant, but my suspicions were confirmed when I saw her that day. She tried to hide it as best she could, but there's no such thing as keeping a secret from your best friend, especially me lol! 

And a couple months later, here we are. So excited to watch my dear friend welcome her first child into the world with the love of her life. I am so honored you chose me for such a special moment in your life and can't wait to meet my sweet, sweet niece! Uncle Brandon already loves you!


Your Majesty

Hey peeps! Recently I collaborated with blogger and business owner, Majesty Acheampong, on the launch of her apparel collection for Born Majestic. Majesty proved to be one of my coolest clients, from her charming and energetic disposition to her ability to remain professional while braving the conditions of what was one of the coldest days Charlotte has had this Winter. We had a great time together and it shows. See the magic we made below.

Majesty's collection is now available here.