Ashley Langston / Personal Branding Session

Meet Ashley Langston — Army officer by day, creative and business owner by night. Ashley is the founder and owner of Eikeon, a custom bowtie brand inspired by her own her life and family. I could tell instantly that Ashley was very passionate about her brand wanted her session to reflect that. After having to reschedule the shoot twice because of the horrid weather (Rainy winter, right?), we finally got to work together. Here’s the end result!

The Freeman Family


LaPorsha & Cattown

Meet Porsha & Cattown. The weekend that I shot this lovely couple was a literal disaster. Freakishly cold, wet and a percentage of snow was on the horizon. I was really hoping that we wouldn’t have to cancel, but based on the forecast I was sure we would. To my surprise, the couple wanted to continue on with the shoot as planned. I arrived at our first location and got out of my car and was shivering from being so cold. I thought, “How in the world am I gonna do this?” Porsha and Cattown arrived and I knew right then and there, this was going to be an amazing session. They were just so warm and welcoming and not to mention, HILARIOUS! We just laughed and rolled with punches and their love showed so brightly! Still swooning over these two.

The Olukeye Family

“A happy family is but an earlier heaven.” —George Bernard Shaw

LaShara & Jerome

Another day, another beautiful couple. For some reason, it seems like I always end up choosing the coldest days to shoot my clients, but lucky for me that the cold weather doesn’t stop our show. LaShara and Jerome radiated on camera and I didn’t really have to say or do much. They were in their own little world and I just had the pleasure of capturing them in it.