The Watson Family

Say hello to The Watson Family! This family session was a 2 for 1. Some of you may notice that 3 out of 9 of these people look very familiar as I’ve shot Baby Maveric and his parents, Alli & Jason, in the fall of 2018. At that time, Maveric was only 6 months old and much much smaller. Fast forward to the day after this shoot, he turned 1 years old. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MAVERIC!

I had the pleasure of not only shooting Maveric with his mommy & daddy, but also his grandparents, uncles & aunt for his birthday. It’s always a really cool thing to see how loved ones interact with one another. You capture them laughing at and with each other, talking to each other, lifting each other up and it really is so sweet to see. When you have an adorable baby boy as the epicenter of it all, it just sweetens the pot.

I truly adore this family and I’m sure you all will too.


Brandon GrateComment